Age of Cosmos
Terms of Service
Terms of Service
While playing, interacting with the community of Age of Cosmos you agree to follow the guidelines of Age of Cosmos.

You will protect Age of Cosmos' image in game and out of the game.

You will not cause harm to others while interacting with the channels of Age of Cosmos. Age of Cosmos is a game and must be treated as such. If you feel that it is making you uncomfortable or have unpleasant experiences, take a break.

By playing this game you agree to the Terms of Service. Having and account in the game means you agree to the Terms of Service, having a copy of the game means you have agreed to the Terms of Service.Hacking / Cheating is Prohibited. If you see any instance of it, you will immediately report it to the Age of Cosmos team.

Age of Cosmos does not condone hate speech, nudity, aggressive behaviour, endangering lives, bullying, trolling. You will do so to protect Age of Cosmos's image and not participate in such activities / share such content while interacting with any of the channels of Age of Cosmos (in game and out of game). If you see such activities in the channels of Age of Cosmos, you will report them to the administrators immediately.

You will not modify or alter the game files, reverse engineer, or try to take advantage of bugs or the content. If you find bugs you will report them as soon as possible. Age of Cosmos will do it's best to help solve any inconvenience a bug has caused you. You will not violate any copyright laws. You will not redistribute any of Age of Cosmos's content. Not following the guidelines will lead to penalties for you, such as account suspension/termination. Some actions that you make may lead to more severe penalties, even legal actions.

Age of Cosmos does not take any side in arguments and disputes between players.

You will not share your password. If you do so, you take full responsibility of the actions the other person has taken with your account.

You can request a copy of your data that is stored for your account. You can delete your account if you so wish to.

Fees / Payment (currently none)

Content seen in Age of Cosmos is shown to you by following Copyright laws. Credit is given in the Credits section. Content ownership is to the creators of the content. Content created by the Age of Cosmos team is of Copyright to Age of Cosmos.

These terms may change any time, you will be notified if so (in game).